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I am a native English counselor and Psychotherapist, we have an office in Sao Paulo and an office at my home, I also practice using Skype.  I spent five and a half years’ working through University as an integrative psychotherapist and over a decade of working one to one with adults, children and families. I am a registered member of the (BACP) the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist.  I have also been involved in the field of addiction and have studied this phenomenon for many decades.  We designed this website to express my therapeutic style, focus, training and my specialty. I would like to hear from you if you are a person that would like support in one or any of these fields I display. I and my team are here to help you.

If you are like most of us, sometimes life seems to spiral out of control leaving you feeling alone and confused.  Whether it is a relationship that has fallen into conflict or a personal struggle within, it can be hard to find the path to happiness and peace.  You may find yourself worrying “will it always be this way” or thinking “nothing you do is right”.  The stress of trying can be frustrating if you are not able to see change.   This can lead to worry, feelings of discouragement and hopelessness about your situation.   You may have difficulty relaxing, sleeping or able to enjoy life as you once did.

Finding a solution can feel impossible and frustrating at times

We want to help you feel better and overcome the concerns you have –  about yourself, your marriage or relationship, at work or with friends and family.  We want to help you find peace and solutions to your problems.

Change is possible and you don’t have to do it alone!

I believe we are ever changing and evolving as we transition from one stage of life to another.  The process of transitioning can be quite exciting at time or unexpectedly difficult with painful struggles and disappointments.   We are passionate about helping people just like you navigate through the ups and downs of life and find the path that works best for you.  Through the process of therapy, we help people build stronger connections by improving communication, connection, need fulfillment, trust and intimacy in their Intimate Relationships, Marriages and Families.  We help our Individual clients know themselves, like themselves and love themselves which leads to healthier relationships with self and others, improved self image, the ability to set boundaries and care for self in ways they never expected.

What people say about my work?

Having a Counsellor that shows empathy towards our plight and dilemmas teaches us a different way, an empathic way towards each-other.


What people say about my work?

Addiction is like cancer of the soul, we do not choose it, but it chooses us, yes it is unfair, those of us with this affliction find it our responsibility. Change is in our hands if we wish to do so, more than often we need a supportive therapist to guide us.


What people say about my work?

We became lost along the way, the most trivial of things became major obstacles, our counselor helped lead us out of the dark and see the light we once had and recognise.

Couple Counseling

What people say about my work?

Being stuck in the downward spiral of life, feeling helpless and alone, having someone to see me and my plight, to walk along beside me often seeing things from my view point, showed me the way out.

One to One Counseling

My philosophy

Whatever life throws your way you are not alone.  These are struggles many of us face from time to time, counseling and Psychotherapy can help and often does.  Sometimes we get so focused on external stimuli we forget about ourselves, our needs, wants and desires.

Through my personal gains through introspection and self-examination the benefits are clear to me, look inwards for self-growth.  I believe in the autonomy of each and every one of us which gives us the tools to move through the path of life. When we become stuck or lost we need another with a brighter light who has walked through their own path within the knowledge of a further direction to support us, along this new and often scary journey we once faced alone.

The individual has within himself the capacity and the tendency, latent if not evident, to move forward toward maturity. In a suitable psychological climate this tendency is released and becomes actual rather than potential”, (Carl R rogers).


Do you sometimes ask yourself how did I get here and what is life all about?  Maybe once there was a point a purpose to it all and somewhere along the way I just got lost. Years of career, business and life in general has taking its toll, how do I re-en fuse myself or do I simply need to change.

The problem with thoughts are they seem to just go around and around in our heads, it is often very liberating to sit and talk with someone.  A therapist maybe, not being judged or criticized just listened to empathically, this can be so very empowering.  I have often heard clients say, it is ironic putting my thoughts out there to see them and being heard really heard brings with it at clarity.

Many clients were experiencing health issues such as high blood pressure, insomnia and fatigue, headaches, digestive and hearts problems.  After years of being able to ignore and over ride their body without consequences, stress and lack of healthy routines were catching up with them.

Ironically they were grappling with how their achievement and financial success, talent and power to make things happen within their organization was leading them to lose what they love the most, families, home and health.

I recognized how patterns in the ways these men and women, many who had started their own businesses, others who had taken over their families business, were now emotionally and physically hurting them.  The stress of being in repeating no win situations between work and family needed a road map to repair the ruptures that were taking place.

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