Our Therapeutic Specialties

Understanding our therapeutic specialties – Many of us suffer from the feeling that we are not essentially loveable or enough as who we are.  We act as if our wholeness is outside of us. We feel that we have to be more and do more to be okay.  It’s a way we are unknowingly in relationship with a hidden sense of shame or in some way don’t know our own goodness.  Our life becomes propelled by a list of “if only’s.”  If only I was richer, smarter, thinner, more creative, etc then I’d be worthy of love, then I’d be happy.

Another way to look at our desire for happiness is that it is a deep desire to connect with our own mattering.  Experiencing how we really matter in this way shifts us from believing we have to be more to simply allowing ourselves to be who we are.

Living in the fullness of our human condition is a path to embodying our wholeness.

What would it look like, for you to be in relationship with yourself in a way that is accepting of your imperfections and struggles as well as your gifts and talents, desires and aspirations?

Imagine how that would impact your relationships, your work, your social life and your health to be fully who you are.