Couple Counseling


Couple Counseling

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. – Carl Jung

Couples often complain of feeling “misunderstood” by and/or “disconnected” from each other. My goal is to help them become aware of the tension between staying two separate individuals while maintaining a sense of unison in their relationship.

Couples seek therapy for various issues such as power imbalance, family conflict, financial struggle, and sexual difficulty.

To increase mutual respect, understanding and intimacy, I provide a safe place for both partners to feel heard and understood, and coach them how to:

  1. Enhance their communication and assertiveness skills
  2. Express their feelings constructively
  3. Listen to one another compassionately
  4. Learn conflict resolution skills
  5. Decrease their power imbalances
  6. Deepen their trust in each other


Studies have consistently shown that an unhappy married couples will wait about six years before seeking counseling. This speaks to the courage it takes to address issues that are causing conflict and distance in a relationship. Disputes that are left unresolved often create an aura of negativity within the relationship. Couples counseling explores the differing wants and needs within the relationship that affect intimacy and develops communication and problem-solving skills.  I employ an active and caring approach in couples counseling and seek to create a safe and neutral environment where collaboration is possible.